What an exhausting but enjoyable day. On Saturday I had work from 12PM-3PM, an engagement/wedding reception at 7PM, and work again from 11:30PM-1:30AM. I would’ve enjoyed sleeping in today, but there’s only 24 hours in a day!

My friend Sophie and her boyfriend invited me and my guy out to go wake-boarding. As it was my first time, I decided to master knee-boarding first before attempting wake-boarding.

We arrived at OWC (Orlando Watersports Complex) at 11AM, we were supposed to arrive at 10AM. I must admit, my guy did not want to wake up but I annoyed the living s#!@ out of him for an hour and he finally got up =)

If it’s your first time at OWC, you’re required to watch a 5-minute safety video and sign a waver. There’s a great special going on at OWC – if you arrive with your college ID, from 10AM-1PM, you only have to pay $25 + $5 for equipment rental.

I have to say, even though I was only knee-boarding, it was hard work! My arms ended up killing me afterwards!

two couples out wakeboarding

Oldest Coffeehouse in Rio

We visited downtown Rio de Janeiro again.This time we went with my boyfriend’s father and he spent the day showing us the city that he grew up with and his favorite places as a child.

One of my favorite places was the oldest coffeehouse in Rio called Confeitaria Colombo, or Colombo for short.

Colombo was established in 1893, making it over 100 years old. The mirrors and frames were imported from Belgium and entertained writers, artists, politicians, and even royalty. Queen Elizabeth even dined at this cafe!

The cafe offers coffee, baked treats, and meals.


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Americans Abroad, Drinking Games, and Soccer in Brasil

As the week is winding down and we finally have a day of rest. I now have some time to sit down, relax, and write a blog post =)

sports bar in brazil

Night out in Rio de Janeiro. I’m the 3rd from the Left.

Tuesday night we were wayyyyyy too bummed out to go out and enjoy the night life out in Rio – especially after the US team lost to Belgium 2 to 1. But… We more than made up for it the next day. The first bar we visited was probably the most American bar in Rio.


With Tom Petty blasting in the speakers and different state license plates decorating the walls, it had the right amount of grunginess to it to give it that typical dive bar appeal. Every person in there spoke English and was drinking a beer.


We ended up sitting next to some British blokes and made new lifetime friends (just kidding on the lifetime part but we definitely made new friends). After some bar hopping and some language confusion – the pains and struggles of NOT speaking the native language – we ended up at an Irish bar called Shenanigans.


I solemnly swear that we were up to no good.

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“Hey baby, want to see my Washington Monument?”

Or the alternate blog title I was thinking of going for: The Best American Pick Up Lines Ever.

This post is definitely going to have some raunchy and crude humor.

I was so excited to be celebrating Independence Day in Brasil. In fact, it’s considered an unofficial holiday whenever Brasil plays in the World Cup.

Unofficial holiday = work optional

That meant that we got to celebrate Brasil winning against Colombia and the American Independence Day. There were fireworks going off in the city after the game and cheering that can be heard all over.

While we were out the guys made a ton of American themed jokes. In fact… I am going to share some of the best (but inappropriate!) American themed pick-up lines.


Be proud to be an American.

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First Day in Brasil

This will probably be the most photo intensive post ever. My perception of Rio and of Brasil is skewed and I’m still absorbing the sights. We landed in Rio de Janeiro at 5 in the morning after flying for 11 hours (we were traveling for a total of 12 hours, if you want to include our one hour layover).

flying on top of the world

flying on top of the world

We are currently staying in the neighborhood of Ipanema, where the beach is only a four block walk from where we are staying.

streets of Brasil


with my boyfriend


photo in Brazil

My boyfriend, his mom, myself ❤

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World Cup Live Stream 2014: Watch Brazil Vs. Chile & More

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Hollywood Life

The group stage is over, now the real fun begins in the World Cup. June 28 marks the first day of the Round of 16 with four teams hoping to stave off elimination and clinch a spot in the quarterfinals. Can host country Brazil keep World Cup fever alive, or with the streets of Rio de Janeiro be flooded with heartbreak? Watch the live stream below to find out!

Win and you move on, lose and you go home — the knockout stage in the World Cup is something Americans can understand! The stakes have officially been raised in Brazil as the Round of 16 kicks off with a slew of South American teams — the host country will face off against Chile, and Colombia will face off against Uruguay (minus the sharp-toothed Luis Suarez). Don’t miss a minute of the action — watch the live stream below!

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Bowl Expo Tradeshow 2014

Right now we are literally counting down the minutes til we leave for Miami International Airport. Our flight takes us from Miami to Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic before we land at Rio de Janeiro. With our one hour layover we will be traveling for 12 HOURS. Good Lawd. We will be landing in Brasil at 5:30 in the morning. I have a LONG day ahead of me

And the anxiety of packing is very real. I’m regularly plagued with questions – did I pack everything I need? Will my electronics fry out the adaptor? Did I pack fluids on my carry on? Did I bring enough outfits? Shoes? It feels like the list just goes on and on.

brasil, brazil, brazilian soccer jersey, USA, US soccer jersey, South Korea, Korean soccer jersey, luggage, american flag, packing

The extreme sadness I felt, having to unpack my Korean soccer jersey

But enough of panic inducing thoughts. I wanted to share my two day experience working at the International Bowl Expo! It was a fun tradeshow. The exhibit itself was from June 22-26 but I only worked the last two days for the tradeshow. George W. Bush was one of the key note speakers for the International Bowl Expo (but I didn’t get a chance to see him).

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Getting Ready for Brasil


I cannot believe that in T-minus-4 days I am flying out to Brasil! (Yes, I just spelled Brasil with an ‘S’ because that’s how the natives do it)

We’re flying out from beautiful, sunny Miami FL to Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I wish I was staying a half day at least in DR. I’ve heard wonderful things about the Domincan Republic and I hope that someday I will get to see it and to experience it.

We planned this trip MONTHS in advance – almost a full year, actually. I could not believe how fast time flew by! It only seems like yesterday I was getting my passport renewed and my visa application submitted in the mail. Honestly, I can’t believe how terrible my photos came out. I don’t think I have ever taken a good passport photo. Granted, I’ve only had to take two.

brazil, brazilian flag

Some really useful travel tips I have in my arsenal (and in my email inbox):

  1. Water – drink only filtered water at home and bottled sparkling water while out.
  2. Milk is unpasteurized and unhomogenized and shouldn’t be consumed
  3. Valuables – I was told to leave valuables behind in case it gets stolen or went missing.
  4. Transportation – mostly walking so bring comfortable shoes =)
  5. Exchange rate – approximately $1 to 2.25Reis. I’m not sure what I’ll be able to spend there because things are extremely expensive in Brasil.
  6. Electricity – the outlets have a current of 110, made for a rounded blade. I would need an adaptor for my electric devices
  7. Phones – it’s recommended to bring an older, jail broken phone to use a local phone company and chip since roaming costs will be crazy expensive. It was also recommended to use WhatsApp to communicate with the other people in my party.
  8. Bags – I was told to bring a cross body bag. It’s easier to carry and harder for thieves to steal


I’m excited to be experiencing the FIFA World Cup in Brasil and I get to share my experiences! I will share photos as I get to travel to South America for the first time.